Heads of Hawai‘i Creative Community Meet

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Blog

Heads of multiple Hawai‘i creative community organizations met for the first time as a creative arts steering committee for ID8 Studios. The goal of this group is to gather and grow Hawai‘i’s creative arts community. Organizations represented included Beckie Stocchetti of Hawaii International Film Festival, Mary Bahdady of Hawaii Filmmakers Collective, Academy of Creative Media at UH Manoa, Vera Zambonelli of Hawaii Women in Filmmaking, Leanne Ferrer of Pacific Islanders in Communications, Charles Brotman of Hawaii Songwriting Festival, Zoe Eisenberg of Made in Hawaii Film Festival and Gerard Elmore and Jason Cutinella of Ohina Films. The session was lead by Georja Skinner of Creative Industries Division and Steve Sue of Bizgenics / ID8. Also attending were David Harper of CID, Dennis Burns of ID8 / 1013 Integrated and Minette Lew-McCabe of Bizgenics / ID8.

Big ideas for Hawaii Soundstage

A lively discussion ensued with many ideas forwarded including virtual reality, motion capture suits, music album cover shots, talent showcases, co-work for creative artists, edit bays, screen rooms, photography, multi-camera live streaming, fiber optics data service and more. In addition, a community arts production calendar and news service were also of strong interest. Ultimately, the central desire of all was to work together so as not to compete and to leverage the synergies of the community to the betterment of Hawai‘i’s creative arts community.

Monthly Meetings. Join Us!

This group is scheduled to meet once a month. If you represent a creative arts organization and wish to participate Contact Us »