Navian Hawaii Records Its First-Ever Virtual Fundraising Event

by | Nov 7, 2020 | Blog

Client: Navian Hawaii
Goal: Film the welcome and host segments for Navian Hawaii’s virtual fundraiser
Needs: Professional, yet intimate video production facilities 

In light of the pandemic, Navian Hawaii, formerly known as Hospice Hawaiʻi, made the decision to move its annual fundraiser, Na Hoa Malama, to a virtual event. The organization asked 1013 Integrated to record the event’s welcome segments, featuring Emmy-winning news anchor Steve Uyehara and Navian Hawaii’s CEO and President, Tori Abe Carapelho. 

Throughout previous years, Navian Hawaii has relied on an in-person event to raise awareness of the value of hospice care to honor its patients, partners, and community. Na Hoa Malama, is Navian Hawaii’s principal fundraising event, as well as an important opportunity for the organization to highlight the value of hospice care. Because this was Navian Hawaii’s first-ever virtual event, the organization wanted to be sure that the event still resonated with its partners, patients, and loved ones. 

For Tori Abe Carapelho, delivering a personal welcome message was essential to connecting with at-home audiences. Dennis Burns of 1013 Integrated served as the director and DP. With Burns at the helm and fully set-up studio, Tori was able to smoothly deliver her segments via teleprompter.

Steve Uyehara also dropped by to the studio to record his host segments for Na Hoa Malama. As an Emmy-winning news anchor, Steve was no stranger to the filming process. ID8 Studios ensured that he was able to deliver a professional, yet warm and welcoming presence for the event. 

Transitioning from in-person events to virtual events can be daunting, but with ID8 Studios’ facilities and studio management, you can create an inviting experience to remember. Book now at