New Podcast from ID8 Studios on the Art of Producing Art

Dec 26, 2022 | Blog, BTS@ID8 Show

ID8 Studios, as part of our commitment to serving the Hawai’i arts community, just started a “How To” podcast on the art of producing art. If you’re an artist, producer, marketer of art, distributor, or anyone else who supports a form of art, we want you on the show. What kind of art you ask? ANY KIND OF ART. Film, TV, sculpture, crafts, wood working, photography, ceramics, culinary, mixology, music, apparel, dance, painting, maker products, writing… anything that’s an expression of beauty.

15-Minute “How To” Shows

Our goal is short 15-minute shows that offer top tips or “how to” steps for a specific process in your art form. For example, How to Get Funding for Your Indie Film” or “3 Tips to Being a Graceful Hula Dancer.” Along the way, we’ll also chat about key trends for the episode topic and get you to tell a conquest or horror “Behind-the-Scenes” story on your experiences in the topic.

Artists of All Levels Welcome

Also note that you need not be highly accomplished. We’re all at different levels of development and practice, so we all have things to share. Think of your sharing your experiences for any person a step behind you. That noted, even students can shed light, often in the most refreshing ways for older folks to think about, so don’t be shy: come on our show and share what you know or have experienced.

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