Redhead Studios Holds Virtual Casting for a Bankoh Ad

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Blog

Client: Redhead Productions
Goal: To stream wardrobe fittings and pre-production meeting for Ideology, Inc., Marina del Rey-based ad agency
Needs: Fast, reliable broadband connection, space for wardrobe fitting

Redhead Productions and Ideology share a long history of producing and directing commercials together for Bank of Hawaii. Virtual meetings are crucial for local companies that collaborate and work closely with off-island teams. Director Tim Savage of Redhead Productions, needed a space to stream its pre-production meetings and wardrobe fitting with their mainland client.

ID8 Studios currently boasts a robust broadband connection, ensuring seamless streaming and smooth, effortless communication for both Redhead Productions and Ideology. Though the connection is already considered excellent by industry standards, there are plans to upgrade the connection even further. 

With 1,400 square feet of space and multiple areas including the soundstage, greenroom, and control room, ID8 Studios readily accommodated Redhead Productions’ wardrobe fitting. While stylist Chris Jose and Tim Savage used the soundstage as a space to fit and organize costumes as well as finalize wardrobe details, actors waited in the greenroom. Despite more than four actors entering the studio during the day, ID8 Studios’ spacious layout ensures that COVID-19 protocols can be easily and safely followed. 

Between its top-speed broadband connection and the abundance of space, ID8 Studios serves as an ideal space for virtual events, such as pre-production meetings and casting events. Book now at!