ID8 Studios Blessed & Ready for Action!

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Blog

ID8 Studios | Bizgenics | Kahu Dr. Kaleo PattersonHuge MAHALO to Kahu Dr. Kaleo Patterson for taking the time to bless the installation of the new lighting grid at ID8 Studios. Kahu talked of the metaphor of ID8 bringing light to the production community via the grid. Very smart. Very appropriate. That’s why you get the best to come shed light for the rest of us.

Partners Attend: HTDC, CID, Bizgenics & 1013 Integrated

It was a touching and seminal moment as many have bleed for this community space. Len Higashi for one, who visioned and elbow-greased Entrepreneurs Sandbox into existence. Then there’s Georja Skinner, who’s strategic direction and knowledge of the arts made the ID8 soundstage a reality within Entrepreneurs Sandbox. While Georja couldn’t attend, David Harper represented CID while Sandi Kanemori and Ellen Ng attended on behalf of HTDC. For ID8, Dennis Burns and I attended.

Sound Attenuation & More!

ID8 Studios | Bizgenics | Kahu Dr. Kaleo PattersonWith the installation of the grid, a 14′ velour drape is the first item to be installed on this massive aluminum structure. The sound dampening qualities of this piece were obvious to all. Electrics and lighting to follow next. We’re also looking at adding technology to the co-work room, so stay tuned for announcements as we build improvements into the space.

Ready to Rent

The ID8 stage has already been used by numerous productions in the past month including units by Amazon, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo and more. Not everything has been production, with casting, fittings and still photography operating in the space. A new developing area is the virtual gala and awards shows market. Post COVID, the studio will also be available for events. To rent, Contact Us »